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    Episode Six

    Where To Listen to This Episode: The National Potrait Gallery

    "You download. You upload. You travel. The National Portrait Gallery and the American Art Museum sit between 7th and 8th on G Street NW. The two galleries share a space, like clasped hands, like the valves of a heart. You can flow from one into the other, taking in oxygen, releasing it. Go inside. Find the shrouded woman. Find Icarus at his apex, just before the fall. Find the old woman on the third floor who looks like your grandmother--who looks like everyone’s grandmother. Or don’t find them. Find others instead. Other faces staring out at you from oil-darkened canvas and slippery stone. Do not touch any of the art. No matter how much you’d like to. Do not kiss their cold lips. Do not whisper in their ears. Not yet. When you’re finished, find a quiet place to sit, and begin." 


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    Closest metro station: Gallery Place/Chinatown (Red/Yellow/Green)
    • Head West toward 7th St NW
    • Turn left onto 7th St NW
    • Turn right onto F St NW
    • Enter the gallery at the intersection of 8th St NW and F St NW