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    Episode 9

    Where To Listen to This Episode: Meridian Hill Park


    • Malcolm X Park. Meridian Hill. Could this story end anywhere else? You can see so much from here. If you look at it right, you might be able to see the big wheels turning. The people being crushed beneath them. The few that manage to escape. Enter through one of the Northern gateways. Walk the length of the park. Take the steps down, and then down again. Find her. The girl who looks out over everything. The girl who burned for what she believes. Find Joan of Arc. Find her and stand. Look out over this city--this District carved out of the country with a rough blade. Stand and wait. He will come for you. And then this will end. One way. Or another. Pause. And when you are ready....Even If you are not...Begin.



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    Closest metro station: Columbia Heights Metro (Yellow/Green)
    1. Head west on Irving St NW toward Hiatt Pl NW

    2. Turn left onto 15th St NW

    3. Enter through one of the two Northern gates at 15th St NW and Euclid St NW