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    Where To Listen to This Episode: Corner of H Street and 4th NE

    "Your destination is the corner of H Street and 4th, Northeast. There are many ways to get there. By foot, by bus, by car. By trolley if we’re lucky. However you arrive, she’ll be there waiting for you. The woman from the cemetery--Natalie Washington’s mother. When you arrive, you will begin walking East down H Street. It’s dangerous to turn your back on the city that you know, but you’ll have to do it. Turn your back on the city and walk. Pause the recording. And when you arrive at your destination, continue. And walk."


    (Downloadable content is now available when you fully download the episode)



    Closest metro station: Union Station (Red)
    • Exit Union Station on 1st St heading north
    • Turn right onto H St
    • Walk to the intersection of 4th St and keep heading east