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    Paul Frydrychowski

    Founding Executive Director

    Paul Frydrychowski is a native and current most of the time resident of NYC, has been involved with forum since the very beginning, before it was even forum, serving a multitude of roles; from staff positions, to design roles, to basic construction and cleaning. Beyond the time spent with forum, Paul has toured the world over, as a freelance designer and technician, and more legitimately as the Lighting Supervisor for Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, the programmer for the recent remount of Einstein on the Beach, and currently as an electrician for American Ballet Theatre. Despite the times spent away from forum, it remains one of the proudest parts of Paul's career, and he always looks forward to the times he gets to spend in this circle.




    Christina Ritchie President

    Peter Kent, Vice President

    Ron Schechter  Treasurer

    Megan Pagdo Wells, Secretary

    Michael Dove

    Paul Frydrychowski

    Aaron Heinsman

    Anna McGowan

    Undine Nash