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    THE FIVER is Forum's twist on a subscription plan. It’s your way to guarantee tickets to Forum’s upcoming season, save some $$$, and share thought-provoking theatre with friends and family!
    THE FIVER is a pack of--yes, you guessed it!--5 discounted tickets that can function as a traditional season subscription (plus an “introduce a friend” ticket) or as a flex-pass to be used any way you’d like!
    How does it work?
    Well, it can be utilized in TWO ways:
    As a season subscription (plus 1!): Guaranteed admission to all four main stage plays in the season plus an extra ticket to introduce someone new to Forum. 
    As a versatile, flex pass to be used how you wish! 5 tickets to be used on one show, 2 on one show, 3 on another, or however you want! Available for purchase all year 'round.
    As much as 25% off regular priced tickets!
    Benefits of subscription:
    • Free drink: A beer, wine, soda, or coffee for every show you attend!
    • Advanced reservations: Beat the lines and secure your dates ahead of time!
    • No credit card fees!
    • Free Exchanges: Plans changed? Swap to another date of the same show fee-free! Subject to availability
    • Discount on additional tickets: Purchase year-round for family and friends. Makes a great gift!
    • Exclusive rewards: Access to special events and discussions special for FIVER holders