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    Forum Theatre is pleased to house the Project Gym.
    Have an idea for a piece but not sure the next step? Feeling overwhelmed by the
    schedule of leaping from one project to the next with little time to develop your own?
    Want to find room in your schedule to experiment?
    The Gym is here for you.
    The Project Gym is a center for creative development devoted to creating live art
    through collaboration and community. The Project Gym provides member artists the
    space and structure to strengthen their creative muscles. It provides an environment
    to inspire innovation and artistic growth through individualized and collaborative
    Applications for the Winter 2013 semester are due by February 4. Click here to
    Semester Dates:
    Fall: September – December
    Spring: February 12 – June 16, 2013
    Summer Weekend Intensive - TBA
    Sunday mornings from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
    Tuesday nights from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    Each three-hour session contains:
    A 30-minute Warm Up: to mentally and physically prepare to work together.
    Class: One full-time member artist teaches a skill to the rest of the group.
    Project Time: The group works with a full-time member on a project-in-
    development. These sessions may take many forms and are developed in
    advance over conversations with a Project Gym Creative Trainer.
    There are two types of Project Gym memberships:
    Full-Time Membership: $250 for a semester
    Admission to every session, opportunity to teach at least one session and
    receive 50% payment from any drop in students, opportunity to focus
    on individual project in at least one project time (member receives small
    stipend for supplies), unlimited private counseling from Creative Trainers.
    Full-Time Members are required to attend at least one of the mandatory
    orientation workshops.
    Drop-In Membership: $10 per session
    Pay-as-you-go admission to sessions, free admission to orientation
    workshops, and ability to have private counseling from Creative Trainers
    at cost of $20 per meeting. Drop-in Members are required to attend at least
    one of the mandatory orientation workshops.
    Both types of membership require the submission of a Project Gym
    For more information contact Hannah Hessel at
    Timeline: Applications due: Monday, February 4
    Gym Orientation Workshops (mandatory to attend one): Tuesday, February 12 and
    Sunday, February 24.