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Entries tagged "dramaturgy"

World Builders: Dramaturgical Notes

“Why do the doctors get to choose which happiness I keep? Why do they get to decide which sort of happiness I feel?” — Max “I... more

Boxed: Preface to a Postmodern Minstrel Show

I remember the first negro musical I ever saw. […] it burst upon us as a glad and stunning surprise.              ... more

How We Got On Interactive Resource Guide: Part Two

WATCH & LEARN   Yo! MTV Raps was a two-hour American television music video program, which ran from August 1988 to August 1995. The program (created by... more

How We Got On Interactive Resource Guide: Part One

DRAMATURGICAL NOTE "Getting ahead,” “climbing the ladder,” “Movin’ on up." The process of social uplift is an idea celebrated in African American culture, The process of... more

Notes on Antigone

From the Antigone playbill by Forum Theatre Dramaturg Hannah Hessel.The memory is very clear: me at maybe 15 years old, sitting on my bedroom floor... more
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Entries tagged "dramaturgy"

Entries tagged "dramaturgy"

Entries tagged "dramaturgy"

Entries tagged "dramaturgy"