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Entries tagged "Michael Dove"

Up Down Up Down. String: The Puppet Masters of Passion Play

Ben Cunis choreographed the movement in Passion Play, and plays John the Fisherman/Eric/J. He is an actor, director, writer and choreographer known for his work as an... more

Passionate for Passion: Falling in Love with Sarah Ruhl’s PASSION PLAY

    It’s no secret to many of my friends and colleagues that I have very mixed feelings about how Sarah Ruhl's scripts are executed in production.... more

Announcing: It's All Relevant

Announcement: It’s All Relevant: The Forum Theatre Podcast has arrived!   It’s here! The new podcast from Forum Theatre and From Block2Block, a community audio storytelling project!... more

Untying Gidion's Knot: Part 2

Throughout this week, Forum will be delving into the fascinating world of Gidion's Knot in a series of blog posts written by some of our... more

Before You See MAD FOREST

By Michael Dove, Mad Forest Director   For a play like Mad Forest, we've had to really immerse ourselves with the culture and historical details of 1989... more

Acting Is Weird.

So, since it's been over 5 years since I've last performed, (and my first full production as an actor for Forum), I thought I'd write a bit about... more
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Entries tagged "Michael Dove"

Entries tagged "Michael Dove"

Entries tagged "Michael Dove"

Entries tagged "Michael Dove"