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Entries tagged "Caryl Churchill"

MAD FOREST: notes from the dramaturg

        By Mad Forest dramaturg, Hannah Hessel (@hanvnah)   From the program for Mad Forest   On the plain where Bucharest now stands there used to be “a large forest crossed by small... more

Creating an OpenForum for MAD FOREST

  By Mad Forest dramaturg, Hannah Hessel (@hanvnah)   Following the opening night performance of Mad Forest, the lobby was buzzing with conversation. There’s nothing new about an... more

Choosing a Season (part 3 of 3) OR Announcing a Season (part 1 of 4)

by Michael Dove   Exhale.   After teases and empty promises for so long, the time has finally come that we can announce our 8th season (2011/2012). Many apologies... more

One Response from the NYTW reading of SEVEN JEWISH CHILDREN

While Theater J presented the reading of SEVEN JEWISH CHILDREN last night (we'll host the event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday), The New York Theatre... more

SEVEN JEWISH CHILDREN starts tonight: Thoughts from Churchill

The Theater J reading performance of SEVEN JEWISH CHILDREN starts tonight at 8pm.  We will be picking up the play on Friday night with additional... more

Mark Ravenhill on Churchill

Cool article on Caryl Churchill from The Guardian, written by playwright Mark Ravenhill. Churchill just turned 70, so there's been a fair amount... more
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Entries tagged "Caryl Churchill"

Entries tagged "Caryl Churchill"

Entries tagged "Caryl Churchill"

Entries tagged "Caryl Churchill"