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Show #2: THE T PARTY

Posted on May 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

All this week, we will be announcing our 2014/2015 season, Forum's 11th. We have asked members of Team Forum to talk about why the shows were selected and why they are so excited to see them onstage.

Our second show:

written and directed by

Winter of 2015





by Laura Esti Miller, dramaturg and Forum's Literary Manager


…Telling someone you’ve known for a long time is much harder than telling someone you’ve just met.

It’s like you are taking away the person they’ve known and loved. 

Not just taking away, but killing that person. …

And so, some people choose deception. …

It’s been eighteen years.  A couple of months ago while viewing a few of Victoria’s pictures, she asked what I called myself while I was dressed.  When I told her my femme name was Victoria, she said that I looked more like an … Elizabeth.

I thought that sounded like a beautiful name and if she could accept me as Elizabeth, then I would change my name.

I mean, a woman should have the prerogative to change her mind, right?



Forum Theatre is thrilled to once again showcase the creative mind of Natsu Onoda Power and to present this celebratory and moving piece.

We believe in supporting the work of our Ensemble Members work and giving more people a chance to have THE T PARTY experience. Since this piece resonated with our community so strongly, we are excited to present it for a full run in the Winter of 2015. We are overjoyed and proud to revisit this important work and to see how it will grow and expand.

When we first staged a workshop production of THE T PARTY in the summer of 2013, we were overwhelmed by the positive and embracing response from our audiences. It seemed that everyone who attended the limited run made a point to seek out an actor, designer, crew member or staff member to make sure they knew how meaningful this play was to them.

The first act of THE T PARTY involved an immersive party-going atmosphere inside and outside of the full theatre space, complete with invitations to a rotating roster of parties, music – everything from ‘90s grunge karaoke to high school prom fare – , rainbow streamers, animal costumes, glitter, and gender fluidity. Not only did audiences love dancing at the prom and playing flip-cup at the tailgating party, but later, they found characters' shared stories in the second act resonant and powerful.  

Based on real and local stories, Natsu and the ensemble will continue to update the piece and grow it in new and very exciting ways for this full production.

We cannot wait to Transgress, Transform, and Transcend once more. For our friends who will join us again – welcome back and enjoy the new elements! For those who will join us for the first time – welcome to the party!



Natsu Onoda Power and THE T PARTY were featured on WAMU's Metro Connection


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