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Memberships for the rest of Season 12 are half-price and on sale now!

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Your all-access pass to Forum Theatre, Membership is our extra-open, extra-flexible subscription. Not only does Membership guarentee seats at the performance(s) of your choice, it also welcomes you into the full creative process -- and all its excitement and energy. 

Members-Only Benefits

As a Forum Member, you can see every show during the 2015-2016 Season on dates of your choosing and as many times as you would like. No limits!

  • Make Reservations: to reserve a seat at any performance, simply email and let us know when you would like to come. We will reserve your seat. If you need to cancel, no problem. You are always welcome to change your reservation or see the show a second (or third) time.
  • Choose Your Seat: we do change the configuration for every show, so you cannot reserve the same seat all season long. But when you make a reservation, just let us know where you would like to be (in the front, on an aisle, etc.) and we will claim the seat for you.
  • Be Spontaneous: for each performance, we will set aside six Member tickets. So if you haven't made a reservation, but are suddenly in a Forum mood, you can still come to the show -- even if we are otherwise sold out. We will release these tickets 10 minutes before curtain though.
  • Enjoy the Process: for every show, we will offer 4-6 "open rehearsals" where you can come and learn what goes into the show, from the first read-through to the tech weekend to the open dress rehearsal (as long as you don't mind spoilers). You can find those on the Member Calendar.

* Premium Extra: for Premium Members, Opening Night performance and reception tickets are now included in your Membership.

 * Also, Forum (Re)Acts and other programs are free to Members, as well. Come on by! 


How do I reserve tickets?
Email or call our box office at (301) 588-8279 if you need assistance. Be sure to mention that you are a Forum Member.

Can I "transfer" my tickets to someone else?
No, your membership is only for you. So be sure to bring ID or your membership card when you pick up your tickets! 

Can I just show up and receive a ticket?
Sure! We set aside a certain number of Member tickets per show, specifically for this purpose. We'll release them 10 minutes beforehand if we are selling out though, so leave a wee bit of time.