Mad Forest

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    Directed by Michael Dove

    September 22 — October 15, 2011

    "artful and spirited"
    --The Washington Post
    "earnest, beautifully acted staging"
    * This production is sponsored by Jeffrey P. Cunard
    * Corporate sponsorship is provided by Sisarina, Inc.
    On the eve of the Romanian Revolution, and under the eternal watch of the secret police, two families (one poor and one wealthy) struggle to retain their friendship -- and to survive the winter. But once the violence has ceased and the euphoria has lifted, will anything have changed? A blend of journalism, fantasy, and harsh realism, Mad Forest delves into the madness and fervor of a society on the brink of upheaval.
    "in-the-round staging gives the piece a more immersive and panoramic feeling than a more traditional stage-plot would offer..."
    "The talent packed into Mad Forest is, at times, astonishing."
    "... director Michael Dove's beautifully human and fearlessly directed piece may compel enough to be seen a second time."
    "Directed with restrained solemnity by Michael Dove..."
    "Mad Forest's strong performances and intelligent direction provide a powerful, unsparing, and vivid portrait of life under totalitarianism that resonates beyond the Romanian experience."