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    Saturday, September 21, 2013
    As Forum celebrates its 10th season, we are looking back not only on what we have done, but on how we move forward. For the past few years, Forum has worked to address issues of gender, race, and class inequality through our art. We have done so in order to better realize our mission to “tell stories about who we are as a local, national, and global community.” 
    On September 21st, we will convene a Town Hall on diversity and inclusion in theatre.
    The purpose of this Town Hall will be to gather our stakeholders--artists, audience members, and neighbors--around the idea of making diversity and inclusion essential core values of Forum Theatre. Essentially, we have decided to explore changes in our mission and practices of the organization and we need you to be a part of this conversation. It is only by actively engaging with and listening to our community that we can accomplish true, lasting and meaningful change within our organization.
    The day will begin with a matinee performance of Agnes Under the Big Top and then transition into a variety of action-based conversations culminating in a final gathering to state next steps.
    We believe that our art is a reflection of our community and that a multitude of voices are necessary to truly grapple with the issues of today. We'd like to make sure that all of the right voices are being heard and hope you can join us.
    The schedule:
    2pm matinee of Agnes (all tickets are Pay What You Want available 1 hour before the show. Advance tickets can be purchased here, however)
    3:30-4:00pm break
    4:00-6:30pm-Town Hall
    Follow the conversation on Twitter with #ForumTH
    (a pre-town hall discussion on twitter will be held on Friday, Sept 20th from 2-3pm EST)
    For questions, please contact Michael Dove at michael@forum-theatre.org.
    Saturday, September 21, 2013
    Forum Theatre @ Round House Silver Spring
    8641 Colesville Road
    Silver Spring, MD